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A program which provides technology to financially disadvantaged students to help combat the digital divide and improve technological literacy.
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A program designed for grade 12 students from Indigenous communities in Canada to help further their academic and career aspirations.
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Literacy Program For Students

We help underprivileged children in India's rural communities’ access high-quality education and propel their futures in a positive direction. Your contributions and/or sponsorship will help fund their tuition fees, school supplies and uniforms.

Technology to Support Learning

As schools around the globe work to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on education, we have stepped up to help combat digital divide by donating supplies and devices to students to make sure they have the necessary tools to participate in distanced learning and extracurricular activities.

Scholarship And Financial Aid

Canada's Indigenous community is highly marginalized, so we created a scholarship for Indigenous students entering post-secondary education. You can donate to this cause to help us create several scholarships that will provide deserving students critical financial aid and fund our society's future.


What people say

It is our pleasure to help Paul. It is a remarkable venture you have become involved in. You and Pinky are truly good people!!
Tony Brown
I always want to join charity activities. Their activities gave me a lot of experience, i go to many land, meet many people and know that there are many poor people that need our help.
I understand the difficulties that people at there faced. In order to contribute to resolve this problems, our nonprofit organization usually part in charity events and activities.

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