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Zila Yuva Vikas Sanghthan  is a Non-Profit Organization. ZYVS is a National Level Development Organization which was established in Year 2005 and was registered in Year 2006 with an objective of providing sustainable development to Urban and Rural areas of India. ZYVS is the Sanghthan of the Youth for the change. ZYVS shall meet the aspirations of young generation. Though the movement has been initiated by Mr. Tarun Kaushal & Mr. Naresh Mittal under the banner of Zila Yuva Vikas Sanghthan but it is the dream of every Indian to see its country well developed, self sufficient, capable and well managed. People from all walks of life, breaking the boundaries of religion, caste, region, etc. have joined the movement and its number is increasing day by day. ZYVS movement of change is being spreading the state of Haryana and shall move to other states in due course of time. ZYVS believes that Social power is necessary tool to bring the change.


Zila Yuva Vikas Sanghthan has been undertaking various development programs in various sectors and areas providing support to the Children, Aged People and Women. In this process, the organization had not only achieved a tremendous field presence but also had developed a body of professional belonging to various streams, visit The Human Resource (HR) Asset enables the Organization to undertake and implement various projects of varying nature in a professionalized manner to overcome the problems of society.


Zila Yuva Vikas Sanghthan is working towards social problems and furnace installation cost like healthcare, enhancing the level of education, working towards women empowerment, creating livelihood opportunities, providing help to the marginalized communities and advocacy for the rights of Women and Girls so that the equality can be maintained in the society. They have reached more people since before and provide facilities in deep remote areas.

With the collaboration of other organizations, the Indian Government as well as Private, Zila Yuva Vikas Sanghthan strengthens the planning and implementation of the events and programmes. They also expanded our collaboration with individuals, communities, corporate and other stake holder to bring best practice.

The Reaching Up Ministry helps the families in the Jane and Finch community find hope when faced with the challenges of juggling work, home management and culture. They believe that with our carefully planned curriculum delivered to children in a safe and caring environment it will arouse change in their young minds and challenge them to break any negative mold that prevents them from excelling. Here you can find more info about Dlouhy Doors Inc..


In November 2007, under the leadership of Reverend Thomas Kim, the “Anti-Poverty Working Group” was formed at University Presbyterian Church and it ventured to develop relevant programs in which the church could better support members of the Jane and Finch community. The primary concern targeted by the group Curry Supply Company was the need to support children and enrich their literacy. 


The Reaching Up Ministry was created as a result of this vision.

The objective of Reaching Up is to promote educational excellence as the ultimate solution to overcoming poverty and violence in the community. The Homework Club and Music School are two key sections to the threefold program that is determined to sever the cords of hopelessness among families seeking enriched experiences for their children.

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